23 February 2015

Alaska Pictures: Scenery & Critters

wherein I throw in a bunch of random scenery shots from Alaska in lieu of actual, you know, blog content:

Black bear on the Kenai Peninsula

Anchorage, as seen from the coastal trail

Bull moose

Bull moose checking to see if drivers are watching

Caribou at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Eagle River

Fish Lake (that's its name) along the Talkeetna Spur Road

Hatcher Pass

Little Susitna River, below Hatcher Pass

The Homer Spit, looking north

Looking north across the Turnagain Arm, from Hope Road

Iditarod musher near Nome

Alyeska Resort ski lift, in summer

Lower Fire Lake, out of Eagle River

General store on Main St. in Talkeetna

Matanuska Glacier

Moose running across a field, near Palmer (from the Daily News)

Denali (Mt. McKinley) from Talkeetna

Outhouse race on 4th Avenue (from the Daily News)

Bull moose overlooking Cook Inlet in south Anchorage


Chickenmom said...

Loved 'em all! Would just love to go fishing up there!

Rev. Paul said...

They grow large here, Chickenmom - bring your best tackle!

Steve said...

Ah... I always pictured Anchorage as a bunch of igloos.

The buildings are made of ice, thought, right? :)

And no squirrels? What's Bullwinkle without Rocky?

Rev. Paul said...

Aw, Steve, you HAD to go there, didn't you? :)

No ice buildings; sorry. And there are plenty of squirrels, but they don't hand around with the moose, as nearly as we can tell. A bit of discrimination there, apparently.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Anchorage has one of the world's beautiful backdrops.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, it's true.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Gorgeous pictures! Alaska is such a majestic place.

Time for some good fishing, hunting, and just being out in Gods country.

Cathy said...

Beauty and adventure that seems so strange and far-away from our vantage in NW Ohio.

Max said...

Thanks for the photo's!

We are looking into a drive North next year to spread my fathers ashes so I enjoy 'boots on the ground' images of life.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, this is a dangerous time, this year, for entering the wild: it's been so warm that the bears are waking up early. Hikers/fisherman look like lunch to hungry grizzlies.

Cathy, I understand. If I hadn't been stationed in the Aleutians in the Navy, I'd not have known what to expect after 45 years in the Midwest.

You're welcome, Max. I always try to use my own photographs, when possible. These are mostly mine.

joated said...

As a picture is worth a thousand words, this may be one of your longest posts yet.

At least it seemed that way as I spent an inordinante amount of time gazing at the beauty in each photo.

Thank you for sharing.