23 February 2015

Global Cooling

Alan Caruba has hit one out of the park, as he so often does, with the science behind what we can all see, weather-wise, and not the hysterical blather about "warming":

In January 2012, Matt Ridley, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, noted that “The entire 10,000-year history of civilization has happened in an unusually warm interlude in the Earth’s recent history. Over the past million years, it has been as warm as this or warmer for less than 10% of the time, during 11 brief episodes known as interglacial periods.”

Those who kept warning of a “global warming” with dire results misinterpreted the climate. Ridley noted that “It’s striking that most inter-glacials begin with an abrupt warming, peak sharply, (and) then begin a gradual descent into cooler conditions.” That is what is occurring now.

None of this has anything to do with carbon dioxide, ozone, or any other element of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is entirely the result of the lower solar radiation of heat. 

... It’s not just another typical winter. The U.S. and much of the northern hemisphere is experiencing increased cooling that is seen in record-breaking and record-setting new amounts of snow and ice. This is a trend tied to the Sun’s and the Earth’s cooling cycle.

Go. Read the whole thing. And ask yourself again why your elected officials are lying to you. (Hint: it's about control, and involves the redistribution of wealth - your wealth.)


Cathy said...

My son, the space physics guy, says to watch the sun.
It's unprecedented in our life times.

Rev. Paul said...

He's correct, it seems. Good for him! Thanks, Cathy.

Steve said...

So, what you're saying is the sun, the big, hot thing at the center of our solar system, affects our climate? That's just crazy talk!

Until all the climate change fanatics start living like the Amish, I'm calling BS. Anyone with a brain can see it's about power and money. The uber elites know that, but aren't saying it. Why the general population that buys into it doesn't see it is beyond me. I guess they like to be controlled.

Steve said...

Plus, every time you turn around you hear about some get together with luxury accommodations and gourmet meals and people flying their personal jets to get there, then they tell us to stop eating meat and take the bus.

Rev. Paul said...

Steve, I agree with every word you wrote.

ProudHillbilly said...

Dear humans - The fact that you are used to specific things is irrelevent. Nature doesn't care.

Rev. Paul said...

PH - that's correct. The only constant is change.