02 February 2015

Final Battle of the Civil War: Alaska

From the former Anchorage Daily News:

A unique battle flag hangs in the Confederate Museum in Richmond, Va. It's the flag of the only ship in the southern navy to have circumnavigated the globe. The one that fluttered as cannons fired the final volleys in the war. The last to be lowered in surrender.

And the only Civil War ensign -- Yankee or Rebel --to have flown in action in Alaska.
The 150th anniversary of the first shot of America's deadliest conflict has been widely noted this month. Few people are aware, however, that the last shot was fired off Alaska's shores. 

Yet the roar of the guns of the CSS Shenandoah -- like those of Fort Sumter -- continue to echo in our world after a century and a half.

I didn't know this; read more at the link.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Arizona had exactly ONE civil war battle.
And the Confederacy one.
Of course, that is generally glossed over in the (federally-funded) public schools.
And one generally doesn't see Confederate battle flags, except on persons considered whack-jobs, of bikers.


Rev. Paul said...

What? Fly a Confederate flag? That's wrong because RACIST!!

Maroons. I've given up trying to educate modern simpletons about the actual reasons for the War of Northern Aggression.