13 February 2015

Short Attention Span

I remember when Ronald Reagan said, "I used to be a Democrat, but the Democratic Party left me", and now I wonder how long before conservatives are tempted to say, "I used to be an American, but ..."  It certainly seems as though the inmates are running the asylum, these last few years.

Remember when the will of the people was enough to cause Congress to reverse course on unpopular issues? I miss those days.

I recall instructions in boot camp about how sailors were not obligated to follow an unlawful command. What no one specified, however, was the procedure to follow if we decided that an order or command was indeed unlawful. To whom were we supposed to turn?

I suspect that the average sailor was too used to following orders, after awhile, to give it much thought. That in itself frightens me now, as we contemplate the possibility of a nation-wide repetition of the 'Great Louisiana Gun Grab.' As various members of Congress debate how many bodies they'd be comfortable with, before a lunatic runs out of ammo in his/her first magazine, the State Department proceeds with the U.N.'s treaty to disarm American citizens.

Molon labe, y'all.

Will our military remember that such a thing is unconstitutional, and must not be obeyed? Or will they do as the National Guardsman in Louisiana who said sheepishly, "It made me feel a little weird," but did it anyway?

What I expect would happen, though, is the incremental approach as they begin to disarm individuals and small groups, in isolated areas. Despite the popularity of T-shirts which read, "The Founders would be shooting by now", it's pretty obvious that there won't be any widespread uprising. That leaves individual resistance, unless the level of unconstitutional tyranny gets ratcheted up sharply. Given the progressives' approach, I suspect they'll continue to move just slowly enough to allow the heat to die down before the cross the next "line in the sand".

And while we hear stories about this group or that being raided, the majority will sit back, forgetting the urgency because of their shortened TV/internet attention-deficit. They won't take it seriously until a squad of black-clad soldiers/police (and what's the effective difference, these days?) show up at their front door & turn the house upside down, looking for now-prohibited arms and ammunition.

And then, of course, it will be too late to do anything except stand around, bleating ineffectually.

Don't look to the courts for any help

It will fall to the several States to effectively nullify any federal actions in this regard. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said about hanging together?
* * * * *

In local news, we watch gaggles of politicians (State and municipal) debating the sudden need for fiscal conservatism due to budget shortfalls. It would be amusing, if it weren't so serious, how it seems to be an unfamiliar concept to them. They're more interested in pointing fingers at one another, debating whether it's the previous Governor or mayor, or the current ones at fault, all the while talking about which programs need more money. Then they debate, without apparent end, about how many bond issues to place on the next ballot.

It never seems to occur to more than one or two of them that perhaps the issue isn't how many, but whether to place any at all.

I don't want to get depressed, so I'll move on to other things today. The weather is warmish this morning (24 degrees) with scattered areas of dense fog, and we only received about a half-inch of wet snow yesterday. There are probably slick spots, but yesterday afternoon's sunshine melted most of what fell on the roads. There's no snow in the forecast at all, as AccuHunch calls for a warm, rainy period over the next week. 

We could use the snow: the Iditarod's re-start on March 8th has already been moved from Willow to Fairbanks, and the Tustamena 200 on the Kenai Peninsula has been canceled due to lack of snow for the second year in a row.

Oh, well.

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Happy Friday!


Vicki said...

I am afraid there will be a Great Awakening among the general population - a day or so after it is too late.

Rev. Paul said...

Vicki, that may be the best summary of the problem that I've ever read.

ProudHillbilly said...

Which reminds me that I need to have a serious discission with certain people about my pulling back into certain areas that are in the back of beyond should it become necessary.

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, PH. Not a bad idea at all.

Chickenmom said...

My heart aches for what once was. The tree of liberty.......

Rev. Paul said...

I know, Chickenmom; we're right there with you.