02 May 2015

The Weekend, Part 1

Back into the routine (sigh) of Saturday morning shopping, as there's not much fresh food in the house. We froze some freshly-cooked meats so that there would be lunches & dinners upon our return from vacation, but the fridge still looks bare.

That's an easy fix, of course.

I also need to restring both guitars, as the current crop is old and dull-sounding. It's a labor of love, and there's something so satisfying to making a well-loved instrument sound fresh and new again. :)

The run-off election for the mayoral race in Anchorage will be on Tuesday, and the Left smear machine is in full swing against the conservative candidate. This morning, they're even hinting strongly that she once lied under oath in a court case to dissolve her first marriage.

But boy, you oughta see the ongoing anointing of the Dem candidate: apparently he can do no wrong, and never has.



Old NFO said...

Dem politics at it's 'best'... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

Yeah ... and there's very little "best" about it.