01 November 2015


That was the temperature when we got up this morning, although it's 21 or so now. AccuHunch guesses we'll have a cloudy day, with more snow moving in tonight. We transitioned from fall to winter very quickly, it seems. And after last year's failure to provide winter at all, we're okay with this.

I went out after breakfast and scraped yesterday's ice and snow off my wife's SUV, and topped off the tank for her. She should be ready to go in the morning, except for any lingering snow showers leaving deposits on the windows.

As we expected, there were no trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood last night. This makes six seven years without Halloween visitors. We're okay with that, too.

* * * * *

I suspect we'll stay mostly inside today, with a crock of homemade soup and some movies to watch. Or maybe we'll just read. Despite what I said, above, it's not really winter yet. But it's getting there. :)

Thanks for stopping by, my friends. Have a blessed day!


Cathy said...

And please keep those cold temps to yourselves ;)


Rev. Paul said...

Not a problem, Cathy. After last year's failure to stay cold, we're hanging onto these temps as long as we can.