28 May 2016

Memorial Day Weekend, and More Chores

We're always a bit saddened at the onset of the Memorial Day weekend; it's too easy to forget why the "holiday" exists. But as I encouraged my tenants yesterday, have a wonderful weekend; stay safe; and spare a thought (and a prayer, if you're so inclined) for our military families who made the ultimate sacrifice - giving a father, brother, uncle, son, cousin, or whomever - for freedom's sake, and never came back.

So when you're grilling, chilling, or hoisting a glass of your favorite beverage, do it with them in mind, and celebrate life. None of us who served, and faced our own mortality, would want to be remembered with such solemnity. Celebrate life!

* * * * *

With the weekend also comes more chores, and more purchases for the new house. Yesterday I assembled a five-burner gas grill, and today we bought deck furniture, hedge trimmer, tree pruner, and a push mower.

Why not a gas mower? This heavily wooded lot is too uneven, with many a root exposed. What grass we have is too spotty to require Briggs & Stratton's services.

So Younger Daughter the Chef made a few dozen sliders with a beef and Italian sausage blend on the new grill, coated liberally in her home-made BBQ sauce. She served them with caramelized onion and cheddar cheese on King's Hawaiian sweet rolls.

My wife and Older Daughter finished painting the girls' living room, making it the last of three rooms with colors they didn't care for. Now we're all going out on the deck to try out the new chairs and ottomans, and hoist a glass or two of our own.

Stay safe, y'all, and thanks for stopping by. :)

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