08 September 2016

I Thought College Was Supposed to Make You Smarter

University says no data stolen after employee responded to ‘Nigerian prince’ email scam

A University of Alaska employee fell for the well-worn "Nigerian prince" email scam, leading to a data breach at the university's Mat-Su campus but one in which hackers didn't appear to steal any private information, including thousands of names and Social Security numbers, university officials said.

UA announced the data breach in a prepared statement earlier this week, several months after the university "became aware that an unknown hacker using an employee's credentials gained access to UA data systems at the Mat-Su campus."

Those systems housed the names and Social Security numbers of more than 5,400 students and staff at the campus. For some, the data also included academic transcripts, grant award amounts, addresses and phone numbers.

Even though the hacker could obtain that information, a university investigation found no evidence that the person actually did, said Robbie Graham, UA associate vice president of public affairs and federal relations.

"As far as we can tell, the information was never accessed," she said. "So nothing ever happened as a result of the person responding to the fraudulent email."

So, Gentle Reader, what say you? Did they get lucky? Or are they trying to downplay the incident? After all, it has been "several months" since the University became aware of the event.

Or does "As far as we can tell" translate to "We'll never admit it"?


Rob said...

Smoke and mirrors on the schools part, nothing to see here move on. I don't really want to get into a debate about colleges. good or bad.

Rev. Paul said...

I agree with you, Rob, on both points.

ProudHillbilly said...

Nobody has offered me millions if I just turn over my info in ages. I feel neglected.

Rev. Paul said...

No one's ever offered me millions. Dang it. :)

Vicki said...

If someone there actually bought into the "Nigerian prince" thing, I wonder if they might also be interested in the bridge in Brooklyn I just put on the market. Ya think?

Rev. Paul said...

It's worth a try, Vicki - go for it!

LindaG said...

I don't think any level of education makes you smart any more. They just want sheeple who will do as they are told.

Be safe and have a blessed Friday.

Rev. Paul said...

Linda - you're right, of course. There's no actual learning taking place anymore, and the "education" students receive is merely preparation for serving the State.

Fiona said...

You have to marvel at this...the Nigerian Email scams have been well documented and still people fall for them, but then we just watched a video of a man drive his small car into a flooded area after he watched a 4x4 with big tires barely make it through! You know that didn't end well. The loss of peoples ability to reason and think for themselves seems to have vanished!
PS: we are still loving the Brooks Falls Bears, thank you again!

Rev. Paul said...

Fiona, people have been taught just enough to follow orders, but not to think independently, nor even wonder why not. It's tragic, and can't possibly end well at all.
I'm glad you like the bear cams. :)