08 October 2016

Saturday: A.M. Potpourri

Yesterday morning, it was 26°, today it's 29. AccuHunch says it will be warmer today, going all the way up to 49. Heat wave!

* * * * *

I'm not sure what our agenda is this morning, 'cause my wife hasn't told me yet. Heh. But it will include a trip to Sportsman's Warehouse and Cabela's, so there's that. Any trip that involves those two stores makes it a good one. :)

Let's see ... I'm going to mount a new, motion-activated/dusk-to-dawn light above the man-door on the garage.

We're going to blow more leaves out of the driveway. I'm convinced this round of ground cover comes from the neighbor's yards, because we certainly cleaned up ours, last week. Amirite?

There have been six car/moose collisions in the last week, and a few bears crossing the roads as well, all within a few miles of us. It's looking more and more like we'll finally have a decent (read snowy) winter this year.

Older Daughter is at a local oil-change place, and they apparently have free Wi-Fi while she waits. She's blowing up my phone with funny pictures and jokes while I'm trying to type.

The sun will be coming up behind the mountains any minute now, and melt some of the frost. I doubt the roads are slick, though; we haven't had enough sub-freezing weather to get the ground cold. Yet.

And now I hear footy-steps in the other room, so our departure is imminent.

All y'all stay safe out there, hear? Thanks for stopping by.


Chickenmom said...

Yesterday Hubby cleaned our driveway of all the leaves. Ten minutes later the wind shifted and more came back!

Rev. Paul said...

I understand. It's just not possible to get them all; you'd almost think they grew on trees, or something.