20 May 2013

Unalaska Police Blotter

Drunk Disturbance – Officer spoke with two men who were having difficulty communicating amicably with one another, and determined that no crime had yet occurred. The two men subsequently departed the area.

DUI – Caller reported a possibly intoxicated driver. Officers learned, prior to contacting the suspect driver, that the suspect vehicle was driven by a young woman whose father was teaching her to drive. The father-daughter team was given some advice on safe locations at which to learn vehicle-handling basics.

Assistance Rendered – Officers spoke with an estranged wife who was incensed that her husband was allowing another woman to live in a house and drive a vehicle legally controlled by both the husband and wife. The wife insinuated there might be negative repercussions if the other woman were still present when the wife returns. The officer advised the wife against this course of action.

Disorderly Conduct – A drunken and belligerent patron was removed from the Airport Restaurant after he began yelling and pounding his table. Officers removed the man and issued a trespass advisement per restaurant management.

Drunk Disturbance – Samuel Kulang, 32 yoa, of Tennessee, was arrested for Criminal Trespass I and Resisting Arrest after he refused to leave the vessel on which he had been previously employed. Kulang struggled with officers and threatened to take their weapons while being handcuffed.

Animal – Caller reported a possibly feral feline with no collar was seen near a dumpster. An officer patrolled the area without finding the felonious feline.


PioneerPreppy said...

They actually went on a stray cat call?


Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, for all that much action is reported, Dutch Harbor's a pretty small place.