23 June 2013

Weekend Randomosity

Yesterday was mostly sunny, although it didn't get terribly warm (65), and we took full advantage of it. Outdoors is a great place to be in Alaska, anyway.

We drove, shopped, and generally enjoyed the atmosphere. The summer solstice season is the most heavily attended by tourists, so locals know to avoid certain parts of town. Yesterday's Summer Solstice Festival downtown was packed curb to curb with so many people that those in the back couldn't even see what was happening on the street in front of them. Live music, local celebrities, special events, etc., along 4th Avenue from C to L Streets, and most of the cross-streets along that route.

We don't go near the place.

Don't misunderstand; my wife & I both worked downtown for years, in tourism - and we've been there/done that. Now we stay away, because 98% of what goes on is for the tourists. Let them have the space, and see the shows; we already know that "here" is a wonderful place. :)

* * * * *

The high cost of gas has certainly done one thing to tourist season, though: up until a few years ago, the highway was clogged with motorhomes, RVs, and buses. Not so much, anymore. That's kind of sad.

Not that I enjoyed being sandwiched on the roads by slab-sided conveyances, nor having the view blocked. It's just the loss of freedom that the lack thereof represents.

It hasn't stopped them altogether, of course; on Friday, I followed a 34' Winnie with a Smart ForTwo on a screened-in flatbed trailer behind it. Made me smile.

* * * * *

Today, my wife's company has its annual picnic lunch buffet at the Anchorage Zoo. Go ahead and make your own jokes; we've gone through all we could think of, already.

Have a great day, friends.


Stephen said...

I need a weekend in Alaska...

Hey, gotta ask, do you know Phred? If so, tell her I said hello. She's cute as a button and if I were, oh say, thirty years younger....

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, I wish you & SW would come visit - it would be my absolute pleasure to show you around.

I've met Phred at the store, but don't really know her.