28 August 2013

Well, THAT Was Different

A customer of the pharmacy in my building apparently didn't have excitement in her life.

She pulled up to the curb, went for the brake but hit the accelerator, hopped the sidewalk & proceeded to prang her Mercedes. For her troubles, she achieved a crooked & cracked bumper fascia, warped nose cone, bent fender and a leaking radiator.

Looking at the wall, I couldn't even see where she hit on the concrete. (And before you ask, yes - she was parked where she hit the wall, because the accident was witnessed.)

I felt sorry for her, but at least she can't claim the building jumped out in front of her.

Okay, yes, she can ... but no one's going to believe it.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Now that building may have jumped out at her if she was driving.

Rev. Paul said...

Verily I say unto thee, it doth seem unlikely. :)

Teresa said...

Hmmm... what kind of meds is she on? LOL. Glad there was no building damage!

Rev. Paul said...

Teresa, either too many ... or not enough!