12 October 2013

The Last Four Hours

were spent shopping with my wife. Well, three and a half hours, but still ... we moved quickly in each store, and from store to store. No dawdling, no undue fuss. Just get in, get what you came for, pay, and get out.

Even I'll admit that's not too bad. But I'm still darned glad to be home.

* * * * *
What is it about people in a small restaurant? We got to a new-ish cafe' in the mall downtown, and selected a table near the back, in a quiet corner.

Five minutes later, just as our food was arriving, four older women came in, talking loudly, and sat down next to us for a gab fest.

Within another three minutes, two other pairs of women sat also at nearby tables, while the rest of the establishment remained unused.

I felt like asking, "I'm sorry - were we being too quiet for you?"


* * * * *

Oh well, I have one last task. On Monday, I'm planning to call the tour company through which I arranged my upcoming visit to Pearl Harbor, the Arizona memorial, and the USS Missouri. Those attractions are currently closed, and I have exactly zero confidence that they'll be reopened in four weeks when I'm there.

I want my money back, thanks. (Yes, I've been to Pearl once before, but the USS Arizona memorial was closed because they were repainting the dock.) I've been waiting two years for a chance to go back.

Maybe I should send the bill to the Dimocrits in Congress. I know it wouldn't do any good, but it's a tempting thought. 

Naw, they'd probably bill me for the cost of opening the letter. Never mind.

[/curmudgeon off]


Cathy said...

Go ahead and curmudgeon .
I sure understand.
We're all feeling a little grumpy with the shorter days . . winter on the doorstep . . and a vindictive dangerous man in the White House.

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, that summarizes it as well as anything I've ever seen. Well said!

threecollie said...

Couldn't have said it better than Cathy. The goal seems to be to bankrupt the country and beggar the working class, all the while inflicting as much misery as possible. So sorry about your trip.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's self-fulfilling prophesy or what, but I'm seeing a lot more of this 'the goal seems to be to bankrupt the country and beggar the working class, all the while inflicting as much misery as possible' on the blogosphere.

Couldn't be the true agenda, could it?


Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, threecollie. It won't stop us from enjoying Hawaii, but I regret not being able to visit the Memorial & Missouri. Oh, well.

Guffaw, of course that's the agenda. Stuff like that doesn't happen by accident.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I absolutely hate it when loud people sit next to me in a restaurant. You can't enjoy your conversation with your spouse or even be able to think.

Maybe by the time you go to Hawaii the parks will be open. The games our government loves to play are pathetic. We need people in our government who support the people of the United States and our constitution.

Rev. Paul said...

I appreciate the good thoughts, Sandy, but I have zero confidence in the elected officials to do anything approaching the "right" thing.