12 October 2013

5th Avenue Mall Evacuated

after some bear spray was discharged.

5th Avenue Mall

Shoppers and workers at the 5th Avenue had to end their evening shorter than expected after bear spray was discharged Friday evening, according to the Anchorage Fire Department and mall officials.

Sometime before 8 p.m., hazmat crews were called on scene due to bear spray and the mall evacuated. The popular downtown shopping center opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Mall officials say the mall shut down an hour before closing and no serious damage was caused by the incident.

Anchorage police confirmed that people had reactions to the discharge.

Never a dull moment, it seems.

Even elves think that was dumb!


Stephen said...

I've got to find me some of that there bear spray...

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, there's hardly a store here that doesn't sell it. How much do you want? Heh.

Stephen said...

It just occurred to me a neat feature or series for your blog would be recipes or baking instructions from your daughter. Pictures of same too, of course.

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, I did that here for several years, starting when she was about 13. Since she's been working at it professionally, she hardly ever prepares anything at home anymore.

Anonymous said...

I loathe stating the obvious, but, who is this Elf?


Rev. Paul said...

Well obviously, Guffaw, she's the elf who's laughing at the mall for having to evacuate thousands of shoppers because someone sprayed bear mace. Heh. ;^)