11 October 2013

We Raised 'Em Right

I know the posts of late have been skimpy, and for that I apologize to all y'all. Stuff happens, but you have to do what needs to be done - and sometimes that involves not blogging much.

Younger Daughter's birthday has been a nice one, by all accounts. She received some things from us of which she heartily approved, and got her driver's license upgraded from "provisional" to the regular kind ... you know, the adult version.

She also registered to vote (she elected "Independent" ... told you we raised 'em right!) and is currently meeting with her trainer at the gym.

* * * * *

Older Daughter is preparing her meals for this weekend's Appleseed shoot. For new readers, she's an instructor-in-training, and has most recently served as Line Boss.

Since her birthday is in two weeks, I spent some time finding out what she'd like this year (she'll be 24). Her answer involved the name "Spyderco", which makes things simple.

Told you we raised 'em right!


Bob said...

Well done!

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Bob!

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

You sure did raise your daughters right.

Nice knife, great present :-)

Matt said...

What Bob said.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy & Matt - thank you very much!

PioneerPreppy said...

It's great when ya get those little hints that you did your job well isn't it?

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, it's the best feeling in the world. :)

threecollie said...

Great job, Dad!

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, ma'am!