22 May 2014

Police Blotter: A Mute Cry for Help

Assault -  A fight amongst four men that began in the airport made its way across the street to the Amaknak Fire Station, where officers attempted to separate the pugnacious, provocative participants.

Theft - Caller reported his cell phone had been stolen, possibly by a man temporarily sharing a room with him. Officers searched the suspect’s person and private belongings but did not locate the phone, and advised the caller to check the rest of the apartment carefully. The phone miraculously reappeared hours later, buried in some sheets in a linen closet.

Domestic Disturbance - Officers responded to a report of several people yelling and otherwise creating a ruckus on a residential lane. Two of those present, both intoxicated, indicated that a dispute erupted involving things that were being said about another family member. All parties were advised of the consequences should their behavior continue.

Liquor Law Violation - Officer advised a man who had his wobbly boots on that he was not allowed to enter or remain on a licensed premise this night.
Assist Other Agency - [Name withheld], 44 yoa, was remanded to custody after a compliance check revealed that he had been drinking copious quantities of alcohol in violation of his probation and parole conditions.

Welfare Check - Officers contacted a man who repeatedly called 911 but was unable to say exactly why he had done so, and determined he might be experiencing some mental instability ... [he] was clearly experiencing great psychological distress, and [officers] transported him to the clinic to meet with a behavioral health specialist.


FrankC said...

"Officer advised a man who had his wobbly boots on"
Marvelous description.

Rev. Paul said...

That sergeant does have a way with words, doesn't she? :)