18 July 2014

Comments I Won't Publish

I don't get much in the way of spam anymore, but sometimes ...  Well, you know. It can be amusing, sometimes annoying, and sometimes just idiotic.

  • "Hey dudes, I'm heavily into shoes ..."
  • Anything that starts with a URL
  • Anything in pictographs, cuneiform, hieroglyphics, Sanskrit or Sumerian ... I'm an equal-opportunity deleter
  • "Sometimes I've just got to have ..."
  • "Meds ...." with multiple URLs
  • Anyone asking me to provide a link to their sales site; I don't care if it's for purses in San Francisco, the U.S. Olympics team (yeah, right) or whatever
  • "Visit us or die!" with a URL
  • "This good post helped me with college assignment ..."
  • "Great post! Wanna trade links?"
There are others*, and I'm sure you've all seen them. The shoes comment hit my spam folder several times a day, and then went away. Gee, I wonder why.

And the Olympics team? Seriously, have you looked at my site meter? I get 800 hits on a good day; if you need my traffic to make it, your troubles are WAY bigger than any hits I might send your way.


*I'm sure there are others - some are classics, in their own way - but I'm not going to take the time or energy to remember them now. I'll bet some good ones show up in comments, though.


threecollie said...

Ah, the fun begins when you shut off the security stuff to make it easier for legitimate visitors to comment! I used to have it all turned on, but nice folks were constantly complaining, so I turned it off and the spam began. Oh well....worth it I think

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie, I hear you. Most of the spam seems to go after old posts, which makes me think they're trying to turn the PC into a "zombie".

I moderate comments on posts more than three days old, so the few that get through the filter are stopped before they get published.

Chickenmom said...

Lots and lots of spam lately - for pens, diets, clothing, dating services and Viagra - I really don't need any of them! All of a sudden it started. Wonder where they find us?

Rev. Paul said...

It's mostly random, Chickenmom, by computers that troll the 'net looking for sites that allow comments.

Cathy said...

Ya know . . . . you're right.
I haven't had an indecipherable spam hit in a quite a while. See? The prez is right. It is a more 'tranquil' world.