19 July 2014

Saturday Shopping Fun

We did our usual running around for grocery items, a bit o' this and that, and then ...
and then we went to the new Bass Pro Shops Outpost.

I almost forgot to take pictures, on account of being too busy ogling all the new shiny toys.

But here are couple of things to whet your appetite:

Should be clickable, to enlarge

and this:

Since Bass Pro is a fishing store at heart, there were plenty of boats, canoes and kayaks, and lots of fishing gear. The firearms/shooting sports/ammo/reloading/accessories area is smaller than Cabela's, but that's okay. It never hurts to specialize.

And since Cabela's is only two miles from my house, I'm good with that. Heh.

Still, I picked up bore snakes for my .22 and the Garand ... and there was an added bonus. As we walked down the main ammo aisle, a clerk was putting these on the shelf:

$17.99 for 325 rounds of .22LR ... not bad, as modern prices go.

Haven't seen any of that on display up here in a couple of years. Only one per customer, but since my wife was with me ... w00t!


PioneerPreppy said...

Heh. It's good when the Mrs. helps with the ammo police rules :)

Old NFO said...

Nice!!! :-) So an everyday stop till they run out???

threecollie said...

That looks like fun!

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy - very good, indeed. :)

NFO - you bet!

threecollie - between Bass Pro and Cabela's, Anchorage starts to feel like civilisation. Heh.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I enjoy going to Bass Pro Shop.....haven't been to a Cabela's in ages. They're going to build one in the Oklahoma City area in the near future.

Good thing your Sweet Wife went with you shopping to get this deal on the .22 long rifle ammo.
What a deal at current day prices on your ammo.

Jenny said...

so... jealous. :)

Rev. Paul said...

Jenny, just think of all the goodness you can explore when y'all come back to visit. Soon, maybe?