08 July 2014

Police Blotter: The Fun Side

Traffic Crime - Caller reported a speeding taxi. An officer contacted the suspect driver, who admitted to speeding on her clients' behalf. The driver was warned that late clients do not constitute a legal right to speed.

Liquor Law Violation - Officer contacted a man who had passed out on a toilet at the Harbor View Bar. The man, who upon waking remembered why he had come to the bathroom, finished his business before leaving the bar pursuant to the officer's advisement that he not enter or remain on a licensed premise this night.

Welfare Check - Caller asked that officers check on a possibly intoxicated woman who had an argument with her husband and might be outside in inclement conditions. Officers checked the area where the woman was last seen and found no indication of either the woman or inclement weather. 

 Animal - Juvenile eagle squawking in caller's yard after crash-landing into a pole. Caller reported the juvenile eagle's parents were on scene in the yard.

Welfare Check - Caller expressed concern about being unable to contact a friend by phone for the last several days. An officer contacted the friend, who stated that he turns his phone off when he's sober.

Fire Safety - Caller reported a bonfire near Unisea. Officers found one bonfire in an area far from Unisea, but did not observe the bonfire committing any criminal acts.


ProudHillbilly said...

"he turns his phone off when he's sober" - brahahahahaha! Sounds like it's not off very often if it worries the friend.

Rev. Paul said...

You never know, PH - I was encouraged by the fact that the friend couldn't reach him. :)

Keads said...

Harbor View sounds like an interesting place.

Rev. Paul said...

Kelly, I suspect it'd be a great place to people-watch. :)

PioneerPreppy said...

They did a welfare check on the baby eagle how sweet.

Oh and well behaved bonfires for the win :)

Rev. Paul said...

Ya gotta love law-abiding bonfires, no? Yes! :)