24 July 2014

Skagway-Canada Train Derails; Nine Injured

From the linked story
According to a copyright report at www.ktuu.com, "A train on the railroad that runs from Skagway to Canada derailed Wednesday afternoon, with nine people suffering minor injuries."

The White Pass and Yukon R.R. train derailed sometime after 3 p.m.


joated said...

Lucky it derailed at a relatively "safe" spot.

It could have been a loooooooonnngg drop along other sections of that track.

Rev. Paul said...

Absolutely; the early versions of the report said some passengers had been thrown into the river.

The perils of the 24-hour news cycle; gotta be first with the story, don'tchaknow, and details be hanged.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

We didn't hear this on the news, thank you for sharing the information.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, Alaska news very rarely makes the national news. Sometimes, we're quite grateful for that.