19 September 2014

Really? REALLY?

(I just came across this old post from '09, and realized I never got a really good answer. But sometimes, I don't understand people at all...)


Lake Hood, located just south of Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, is reputed to be the world's busiest floatplane airport.

There's an article today* mentioning that Lake Hood's manager of seaplane operations is going to spend $550,000 to a) re-route the jogging trail around the lake, and b) install traffic gates on the taxiways.


Because those areas are now clogged with sufficient numbers of joggers, cyclists, and mothers pushing strollers so as to pose a threat to aviation.


How hard is it to not walk in front of planes with propellers turning? 

Do we need to provide classes in this?

And if the sheeple are that thick, would we expect the classes to work? 

* 5/26/09


ProudHillbilly said...

I work in The Big City. And people are constantly stepping right out in front of my SUV. Total oblivion.

Rev. Paul said...

PH, Anchorage may not be a BIG city, but it's still over 300,000 now ... and we have the same issue.

Condition Opaque

Rob said...

Rev. does anyone have common sense now days.?? Its hard enough to get folks that work on the ramp for a living to safely work around spinning props.

Rev. Paul said...

Rob, I'm thinking not, more's the pity.