19 September 2014

Friday Thoughts: On Firearms

I carry concealed anytime I step out my door. Those who would rather that people leave those "nasty guns" elsewhere are, IMHO, living in denial. With Pacific Islanders shooting each other; Mexican drug cartels using Anchorage (among other cities) as a distribution point; with bears, moose, and wolves, it's just prudence on my part. My safety, and that of my family, are my primary motivations for carrying a firearm.

There is no on-site security for the property I manage, and I assume responsibility for that, as well. I fervently pray that I never have to draw my weapon for any reason other than target practice ... but I will not assume that it won't happen. Sors ventus qui es paratus.

* * * * *

On the topic of firearms...

A lady I work with has known me for several years now, and we have a great relationship. A couple of weeks ago, she saw my holster sticking out from under the tail of my jacket, when I was retrieving papers from the floor.

She got a little pale, and said, "I hope you don't have a gun in that thing." Guns make her nervous, she explained.

I tried to keep a straight face while answering that it wouldn't make much sense to wear an empty holster.

I asked her if I make her nervous, and she said no.  As gently as I could, I pointed out that the firearm is an inanimate tool, and that it obeys my commands. While she thought that over, I said, "If I'm trustworthy, then you needn't fear any tool I might use. A hammer, a screwdriver, a cordless drill ... all could be dangerous, in the wrong hands."

She allowed as how that's true, and then said, "And you were in the military, so I guess it's okay."

Baby steps ... sigh ...

But at least those steps are in the right direction: I'll take that conversation as one minor victory.


Rob said...

My Dad now carries as he spends half a year in Northern MN.(bears) He also takes it with him to see his brother and wife in North Minneapolis. Which is getting to be more like Chicago every day with shootings.

Rev. Paul said...

Rob - understood. That's a shame about Minneapolis; 'twas such a nice place, back in the day.

Rob said...

Parts are still nice. White flight is still growing as it has since the 1970's. Now that we are out in the country we have some minorities but you need a car. Many stay in the city.

I saw a Minneapolis Cop the other day in Monticello, 40 miles from Mpls. You know its getting bad when a black cop doesn't live in the city he protects.

Rev. Paul said...

Rob - that's a very reliable indicator. Agreed!

Vicki said...

When I first spoke to my adult children about buying a gun for my protection, most of them had hissy fits. I asked them what they would prefer - if someone with murder in their heart kicked my door in, would it be better to shoot them (which I pray never happens) or throw a shoe at them. And which of them wanted to be the one to find my bloody body after such an attack. They came around to my way of thinking fairly quickly.

Rev. Paul said...

Vicki - isn't it funny how a reality check forces a change in opinion? :)

PioneerPreppy said...


I thought you were in the Navy? :)

Seriously though if these people didn't live such sheltered lives they would be happy to see a firearm on someone they trust. Life is just too cozy for many to have an informed opinion.

Rev. Paul said...

No, Preppy, that's the Air Farce you're thinking about ... Heh.

But you're right about people being too comfortable.

Matt said...

@ PP..... HEH !!!

Of course that comment in and of itself raises concerns, but like you alluded to very small steps. Of course I'd have had to immediately mention the NAZI's and the Russians and what those Military's did with their weapons... (there I had to say it or pop)

I never thought I'd need mine util I did.

Rev. Paul said...

Matt, understood. I agree that there's plenty more which could have been said, but I took that conversation as far as it needed to go, at that particular moment.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,
What is this about the Air Force??

I wonder what your office mate would do if a bear was right at the door of your business, or worse yet someone came in shooting?

So many people believe the cops/government will protect them.

Protecting yourself and your family is a priority in the world we live in today.

Yes, small steps my friend.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, there's nothing about the USAF. I was just making a funny ... at least, it's funny to a sailor. :)

And you're right about people who assume someone else will protect them. Fortunately, that's not as large a percentage here as in many other states. Nearly everyone here carries a weapon of some sort.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I thought I had missed something about the AF. Keep making funnies my friend :-)