04 November 2014

Police Blotter: A Common Thread

Assistance Rendered
Officers responded to a request first for help with a passenger who had not paid his taxi fare, and then to a report that said passenger had fallen into the water while climbing onto his boat. The passenger was out of the water and in his galley by the time officers arrived, and declined any medical care. He then paid for the taxi ride.
Drunk Disturbance ~
Airline staff requested assistance with an inebriated, would-be passenger who was upset about not being allowed on his flight. The inebriate eventually comprehended that he could get an alternative flight once he was sober.
Assistance Rendered ~
Drunk reported that his brother stole his half-gallon of booze while he was being treated at the clinic. Officers found no half-gallon bottles, full or otherwise, in the house and advised the drunk to look for his liquor in the morning.
Assistance Rendered ~
Officers responded to the Carl E. Moses dock for a disturbance vaguely described by participants as having something to do with a local girl. Neither of the men contacted provided any substantive information about their differences and seemed to have suddenly, upon police involvement, resolved all their problems.
Burglary/Trespass/Suspicious Person/Activity ~
Officers investigating a possible break-in at a business facility met a hostile, aggressive man who yelled obscenities, made threats and struggled with police officers while they attempted to determine whether he was allowed to be on the premises. The man was ultimately released without charges.
Officer then issued a trespass advisement to [the] man who had previously spent some time shouting obscenities at and about a local business, and who had spray-painted his white flatbed with phrases that reflected a generally poor attitude towards various organizations in Unalaska.
[Later, a] mother told police that [the] white flatbed with obscene language and signs spray-painted on its sides was at a local business. The mother found the language offensive and inappropriate for young children. The owner of the vehicle removed said language the following day after he was released from jail.


Murphy's Law said...

I am going there, and I am going to spend a couple of days just filming the locals as they do this stuff. When I get home, it's all going on youtube and I'll make my airfare back easily in advertising money.

Rev. Paul said...

That's entirely possible.