09 March 2015

Empowered Women

The first time a female musher completed the Iditarod was in 1974, only the second year of the race. Not bad, right? But it was several more years before Libby Riddles won in 1985.

Then Susan Butcher won four times in five years ('86, '87', '88, and '90), giving rise to a slogan still widely quoted here:
Alaska: where men are men, and women win the Iditarod

In terms of winning, though, it's been a long dry spell since then ... but plenty of female mushers have run the race.

And this year, there were 78 teams registered to attempt the run; 25 of the mushers are women.

That's very cool.

Go Aliy!

Aliy Zirkle, who has finished 2nd in the last three races. This is her year! (photo from spkenneldoglog.blogspot.com)


Old NFO said...

Good luck to her! Fourth time is a charm??? :-)

Rev. Paul said...

According to reports, she's been running the same team of dogs, so they're peaking now. Next year, she'll have younger, inexperienced dogs on the team, and have to rebuild.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Alright!!!! I hope she pulls through as the winner!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Sandy - all the way to Nome!