10 March 2015

Iditarod & Other Stuff

Nicholas Pettit was first into Manley Hot Springs this morning at 03:10, followed an hour later by Martin Buser, Hugh Neff and DeeDee Jonrowe. Aliy Zirkle, currently in 7th place, was an hour behind them.

Four-time winner Lance Mackey, attempting a comeback this year, is in 11th place.

It's only the first morning on the trail, and there's another week to go. Standings will change a lot before the last day.

For those interested, there's a slideshow of photos from yesterday's official restart in Fairbanks, here.

* * * * *

It's a balmy 5° F. this morning, with a sub-zero windchill. Finally! We're to have a week of sun & cold temps, or so AccuHunch fondly guesses. Still no snow, though. Many of us are thinking winter's going to pass with scarcely a whimper, this year.

The only thing we can predict with any confidence is that next winter will probably be different. :)

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