12 October 2015

Monday: What The ..? Edition

Dealing with a water-line break and a boiler leak this morning. So here's some police blotter fun from our friends in Dutch Harbor, to keep you amused while I'm away. :)

Suspicious Person/Activity
A person reported being frightened by someone shouting at him while he was driving through a residential area. Officers contacted the alleged screamer, who denied having committed such a wicked act, and asked him not to have any further contact with the man.

Drunken beach partier reported he had been assaulted by another party-goer. Officers investigating the affair determined some type of scuffle had broken out, during which one inebriate ran about swinging madly at several others, eventually striking one person and pushing another to the ground. The victims elected not to pursue charges.

Welfare Check
A stumbling drunk was seen heading towards the bay behind the Grand Aleutian, inducing concern in a sober onlooker. Officers contacted the drunk, advised him to empty the bottle he was sleeping next to and encouraged him not to drink any more this day.

Criminal Mischief
Business owner reported one of her houseplants, left in an Intersea Mall hallway, had been knifed repeatedly by an unidentified assailant.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Officers investigated a months-old incident in which a mother's boyfriend was accused of kissing the mother's daughter while she was sleeping. All parties reported the man accidentally kissed the daughter while standing on a table to put away a pillow.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Officers responded to a bunkhouse regarding an alleged fight in progress and found several grown men irritating another by continually turning off the electricity to the single man's room. The men were advised to resolve their differences and keep their noise to a minimum.

Officers responded to a residence after the homeowner reported he had been attacked by a visitor, and found that the homeowner had instead head-locked the visitor after the visitor confronted him about a long-ago sexual assault. No charges were filed against either party.

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