03 October 2016

Bass Pro Shops to Buy Cabela's

We like Cabela's more, as it's more oriented toward camping and hunting in general. But change is inevitable ... grumblegrumblegrumble.

Fishing and hunting equipment chain Cabela's Inc. said Monday it agreed to be bought by Bass Pro Shops in a deal valued at $5.5 billion that will help the privately held company nearly double its store count in North America.

Just in case it's not in your local news, you can read the story here.  Both stores are in Anchorage, so it's not yet certain what will happen to the individual locations.


LindaG said...

We actually heard about that a few months ago, but at the time no one at Cabela's would or could verify it. We are in a similar situation here. Bass Pro in Denham Springs, Cabela's in Gonzales. They are a couple hours apart, so may survive.

While Bass Pro says they will remain two separate stores, and Cabela's says it will give them more stores, it does make you wonder.

Comp USA said the same thing when they bought Tiger Direct, but it was no more true than 'you can keep your doctor'.

Be safe and God bless!

Rev. Paul said...

And that, of course, is our concern. I loved Bass Pro when we lived in the Midwest, but the equipment needs are different in Alaska, and Cabela's is a better fit. We shall see.

We were also disappointed when CompUSA closed their store in Anchorage. I'd been buying a lot of parts & supplies there, and there's no real substitute, even now.

LindaG said...

Tiger Direct's whole market plan was parts and supplies. CompUSA decided they knew better (kind of like when Coke decided coke classic should be retired), and closed ALL their stores for a web presence. Sales plummeted. They bought Tiger Direct to have a store presence, and well, rehashing what I said, haha.

Pretty much any time we buy parts now, hubby either does eBay or son does New Egg. There is one Tiger Direct that must have been a franchise, that is still in South Carolina, I believe, or Georgia; but we aren't traveling as much now that the boys are here and we are not going to NC to help them.

A blessed week to you all, Reverend. Hope you can find a local seller that isn't too much more expensive, to fill your needs.

Rev. Paul said...

We have to shop Best Buy, Office Max/Depot (same company owns both chains, now), but first I look on-line. Amazon has become my "go to" source for most things.