03 October 2016

Police Blogger: "Alcohol Was a Factor"

   Caller reported a baby eagle that appeared to be in distress. Due to several adult eagles soaring, hovering, and diving, officers were unable to get close enough to the eaglet to determine its condition.

Assault / Liquor Law Violation
   Officers responded to a report of a fight in progress at a residence. Officers contacted several besotted individuals who admitted to being involved in a loud disagreement with limited physical contact. They all agreed that the issue was settled and none wished to pursue charges.
   Officers discovered that one of the participants in the fight was only 17 y.o.a and had been consuming alcohol. The 17 y.o. was issued a citation for Minor Consuming Alcohol. 

Welfare Check
   Caller reported an orange raft was drifting away from shore with an intoxicated passenger inside. Ports was notified and was able to retrieve the person and raft.

   Caller reported being hit in the face by his girlfriend. The girlfriend stated she was trying to evict her boyfriend. The boyfriend stated that he was uninjured. Alcohol was a factor.

Assistance Rendered
   Caller reported a boat drifting away from shore with a female passenger inside. Ports was able to retrieve the damsel in distress.

Release Conditions
   A 56 y.o.a. woman from Unalaska was arrested for Violation of Release Conditions. She was found to be consuming alcohol in violation of a court order.

   Two individuals were trespassed from a local eatery for engaging in behavior inconsistent with that normally associated with civilized food consumption, to wit, they got into a fight inside the restaurant.


drjim said...

"Alcohol was a factor".....

Sigh....that sure brings back BAD memories!

Rev. Paul said...

It's a trick statement, Jim: where Unalaska Island is concerned, alcohol is ALWAYS a factor.