12 October 2010

More Frost, Fog and Whatnot

I'm getting some interesting feedback re: yesterday's post about the grizzlies. Please feel free to check that out, if you missed it.

* * * * *
This morning's temp was 29 when I got up, and is only up to 33 degrees now, but with frost on the windows - frozen harder this time - it resists the attempts with a scraper. Since the temp is above freezing, the defroster made short work of the lower half of the windshield, but I was nearly to work before the whole window was clear.

Driving hunched over to see out the bottom half makes my neck hurt. Pah.

* * * * *

Yesterday was Younger Daughter's 15th birthday; in honor of all the meals she's fixed for us, we took her out to dinner. Tonight though, she's preparing pork cutlets. I'm not sure what else will be included, but the pork was sliced last night, in preparation.

* * * * *
There's not much else going on this a.m., which is probably a good thing. Have a great one.

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Jenny said...

Okay, amidst the nonsense, the Press did have *one* funny quip this week.

"what multi-use trails! Bicycle, walking, skiing, mauling..."