20 January 2011

Changes in the Weather

I'm sure many of you have seen posts about a blatantly unconstitutional action in Massachusetts. There are links to the story here and here.

What TJIC said, IMHO, was ill-considered and perhaps stupid. I won't argue the point either way.

The IMPORTANT thing is, he has a God-given right to say it. The authorities have not just infringed, but shattered his 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment protections. I hope he sues them for every penny they've got. The ACLU should jump on this one.

This is a shot fired at our first and second amendment rights. I, also, am TJIC. 

* * * * *

It's 13 above zero this morning - the warmest temp we've seen in a week, and some 26 degrees warmer than Monday morning.  We got a few inches of fresh snow, finally, and it's still snowing. AccuHunch is guessing we'll continue to warm into the upper 20s to maybe even 30 by the weekend.

* * * * *

And finally, there's this from the Anchorage Daily News:

JUNEAU -- Gov. Sean Parnell told legislators in his State of the State speech Wednesday night that he wants lower taxes on the oil companies and hopes to impose a state spending limit to avoid a "spending frenzy" by lawmakers before they leave town.

THAT would be a welcome change of pace. Read more at the link.

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