28 March 2013

Giving Bad Parents a Bad Name

From today's Anchorage Daily News:
An Anchorage couple will spend nearly four years behind bars for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from their adopted son.

Edward Drones, 62, and his wife Lori Wiley-Drones, 57, pleaded guilty in January to five counts of wire fraud and one count of filing a false tax return. On Tuesday, a judge sentenced each of the Drones to 46 months in prison.

~ snip ~

In settling the lawsuit, the state paid the boy about $824,000, which was put into a trust fund just before he turned 18, according to the indictment.

~ snip ~

But the couple spent about $1,000 a day during the first month in control of the trust fund, the prosecutors said. According to a sentencing memorandum, they bought a house in Washington state for $220,000, vehicles totalling about $67,000, and jewelry worth more than $38,000, the indictment says. About $128,000 went to credit card bills.

They left $15.05 in A.D.'s trust fund, the prosecutors said.
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Cathy said...

Dark. But I guess nothing should surprise us when it comes to human failings . . .

Still . . . .


Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, Cathy.

Teresa said...

There's not a lot of back story there... like how did he manage to talk his way into becoming trustee when there was already a court appointed trustee in place? I think there are some people in governmental positions who should be penalized for this too.

They don't say anything about the young man either. Did he bring this to the attention of the police? What is he doing now? I guess they covered the main point, but they did leave out an awful lot ;)

Rev. Paul said...

It does indeed sound like there's plenty of blame to go 'round, Teresa.