24 April 2013

The Washington Post Poll That Blows Holes in Gun-Control Lies

Excerpt from this article:

For weeks, the media pretended that poll after poll proving the American people were moving against stricter gun control simply didn't exist. This included a Gallup poll that showed 96% of the American people did not consider gun control any kind of national priority. But media propaganda isn't about reality; it is about the manufacturing of a reality. So the media-collective glommed on to flawed polls that showed upwards of 90% support for the tightening of background checks.

Clutching these 90% polls in a kind of death-grip, the media spent day after day pushing President Obama and DC lawmakers to "cede to the will of the people!" Then the bill failed; then the media recriminations began, led mainly by CNN's Piers Morgan and MSNBC's Joe Scarborough.

~ snip ~

According to the poll, only 47% of Americans are as angry or disappointed as the corrupt media. On the flip-side, 39% are happy the bill failed, 10% were "none/other," and 3% had no opinion. 

I doubt it will silence the gun-control-now!! crowd. At least, not for long. They'll just gin up another flawed poll, another grieving mother, another media circus, all the while dancing in the blood of current and future victims.

Because one more law will make all the criminals turn in their guns & become law-abiding.

Yeah, RIGHT.


Kerry McCauley said...

A pastor just defended a woman with a Samurai sword thus proving that you don't need guns for protection. Remember, when seconds count the police are just minutes away.

Cathy said...

That picture is hilariously adorable!

As for media. We watch and listen to NONE.

Perhaps you or another commenter have previously mused that those Bostonians cowering behind their doors - might have wished they owned very big guns with very big clips.

Rev. Paul said...

I saw that article today, Kerry. I like "a gun is a lighter burden than regret."

Cathy, thanks. We listen - sparingly - to Fox News, but do a lot of reading & research on our own. Yes, the "hide behind the sofa & pray" approach isn't popular - and firearm & ammo sales have soared even higher since the bombing.

Old NFO said...

Yep, and what I've heard (for what that is worth), is that the poll questions were 'skewed' to get the answer they wanted anyway...

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, aren't they always?

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I'm so over the news media.

They will tell you what ever they want you to believe.

Like you, I listen sparingly to Fox News and do all kinds of research to obtain the actual news, not the garbage that is feed to us.

Rev. Paul said...

Careful, Sandy: you've become one of those "free thinkers" the Progressives are afraid of!