25 May 2013

A Brief Summer Update

It's finally springtime here at the ol' homestead.

Sunrise this morning was 04:49, and sunset tonight won't be until 23:05. There's usable light for about 45 minutes before & after the rising/setting, so it's not dark for long these days. As we continue to gain nearly 6 minutes of light daily, we're only a week or two away from that six-week stretch where it doesn't really get dark at all.

Over the past week, last year's dead brown grass has been replaced by the green variety - a definite improvement! - and there's a green haze in the trees which will become leaves soon.

The temperature climbed to a sunny 66 yesterday, and today will be much the same.

This is our reward for putting up with all those cold, dark winter months. Leastways, that's our take on it. We're going to head up into the mountains for a drive after while, to enjoy the day.

Y'all have a great weekend, and remember those soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines who served but never made it home. We who came back salute our fallen comrades, this weekend.

THIS. This is what this weekend is all about. Honor them by remembering, and by refusing to
surrender the freedom for which they died.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

God Bless Our Soldiers!!!

We all need to remember our soldiers fought for our freedoms, let's stand up and continue their fight!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding folks this 'holiday' is indeed a Holy Day.
Not just an excuse to BBQ and overdrink beer.
It kills me when folks (like local news readers) say 'Happy Memorial Day!", like it's a birthday or something...


Rev. Paul said...

Absolutely, Sandy - and thanks.

gfa, I share that sentiment. Thank you, too.

Old NFO said...

Good news for y'all and thanks for remembering!

Rev. Paul said...

Indeed, NFO - and thank you for your service.