14 May 2013

Odds & Ends, This & That

... although I'm not sure which is which. :^)

  • I'll be catching up with a son of fellow associate pastors from our Missouri days, sometime today. Looking forward to catching up with him, and hearing how everyone is doing, and about his visit to Alaska. 
  • Gas is up to $3.98/gallon here. Hmph. That's a 20-cent increase in the last two weeks, and even the usual apologists are at a loss to explain it. But it's not really a mystery: Memorial Day is coming up, and gas prices always go up before travel season. At least they always have in the 42 years that I've been driving.
  • Our temps have dropped some 10 degrees since Sunday, and are predicted to drop even further by the end of the week. AccuHunch WeatherGuess mentioned this morning that we could get 2" to 4" of snow Friday night. Double hmph.

That's about it for now. Y'all have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

You, too, as well!


Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, my friend. :)

Old NFO said...

Snow in May... Yep Globull warming at it's best!!!