06 May 2013

Things That Make Liberals Angry

1. Life isn't fair.

2. Income is earned by the person who worked for it, and it doesn't belong to anybody else.

3. The government doesn't owe you anything except border security, national defense, and good highways. Everything else should come from the States.

4. Rich people got rich by earning money, not by stealing 'wealth' from poor people - 'cause here's a hint, Skippy: poor people don't HAVE any wealth.

5. Poverty exists for many reasons, but no one is helped in the long term by someone else "giving" them stuff. People don't appreciate that which costs them nothing.

6. The government doesn't have any money. Everything they have, they first took in taxes from the people.


I'm sure there's LOTS more, and suspect much will be offered in comments here. Have at it!

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