13 May 2013

Welcome Aboard

Chris Carmichael has clicked the "follow" button - welcome aboard, Chris! You're among friends.

He has several blogs, each of which look interesting. Check 'em out?

Personally, maintaining just this one takes all the energy I have for the purpose, so he has my respect.


ProudHillbilly said...

Oooo...new music to run through the computer!

Rev. Paul said...


Chris Carmichael said...

Thanks for the add. Yep, I have a music show that runs Saturday at 2 p.m. Pacific. Jack's Tracks -- Jack is my dog and he finds stories with music wrapped around it. Check it out at http://JacksTracksMusic.com. My other blog is ChrisInSoCal.blogspot.com -- pictures from my iPhone that are posted.

I enjoy reading true 'Mericans point of view and in a land of fruit and nuts -- I have to maintain my sense of balance. Thanks for the outreach!