17 June 2013

Alaska Legislative Update

Last week, the Alaska Legislature sent three bills of interest to the Governor's office, for signature into law.

A modification to the self-defense law. The law includes a list of places (like one's residence or place of work) where a person is exempt from the duty to retreat. HB 24 adds the phrase, "or in any other place where the person has a right to be."

An act prohibiting State or municipal agencies from using assets to implement any Federal regulations which would infringe on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

An act giving the Alaska Attorney General the authority to review federal Executive Orders for compliance with the U.S. Constitution, and authorizing the A.G. to recommend to the State Legislature that any such orders be countermanded, and that the A.G. can sue the Federal government to block such orders.


Max said...


FrankC said...

Compliance with the Constitution!
Good grief! Whatever next?

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Max.

Agreed, FrankC (if I take your meaning correctly): it's sad when you have to appoint a State official to stand watch against an overbearing central authority which may or may not feel constrained by the law.