06 June 2013

Phone app places gun-free zones in crosshairs

In a era where technology is used to incriminate otherwise law abiding citizens, one man is using it to protect the second amendment. The Gun Free Zone App allows users to see which businesses are gun free zones and which ones allow firearms. Users also report the second amendment leanings of businesses.

"I started the app when the newspaper in New York posted a map with gun owner's home addresses on their website in December. I can't tell you how angry I was. And still am, now that I think about it," explains John Pedan, creator of the Gun Free Zone App. "I figured if we could turn that back on itself, we could really fight back against gun control so I decided to publicize the locations of all the gun free zones in the country. Then, I decided to also publicize which stores are firearm friendly so we can patronize those stores that support the Second Amendment."

Follow the link for the free app!


Max said...

Great idea but in Colorado it doesn't matter what the sign says, unless it's a gov't building.
That and I use my phone for calls and text, too fancy.

ProudHillbilly said...


Anonymous said...

I downloaded it, but, truth be told, sometimes ignore the warnings.
Can't be too careful - bad guys don't care about the signs.


Rev. Paul said...

Max, Alaska law says that if the premises are posted, then firearms aren't allowed. Fortunately, very very few places here are posted.

Thanks, PH!

gfa, I hear you. "Don't ask, don't tell" comes to mind.