08 June 2013

Saturday Morning

The light streaming in the bedroom window woke me up at 3:40 this a.m. Ah, well, that doesn't happen too often.

It was 44 degrees with clear skies when we got up, and they're still mostly clear. AccuHunch is predicting 70 or 72 for the high today; it hit 76 again yesterday, which should be pretty close to the record high for the date. That's about as warm as it typically gets, here, even in July and August.

We're about to head out to our favorite cafe for breakfast. Younger Daughter is working today, and Older Daughter will be line boss at the Appleseed shoot today & tomorrow.

Our plans include a bit o' grocery shopping, and then barbequing some pork steaks for lunch. I can taste that baked-on BBQ sauce now ... mmm.

But enough - the day is young, and the morning beckons!


Old NFO said...

Go forth and do good! :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, NFO - I believe that's good advice.