18 June 2013

Too Warm ... Slow News ... Helpful Hints

It's 84 degrees at mi casa, or about 10 degrees too warm for our comfort.

Fortunately, there's a stiff breeze blowing - and AccuHunch reckons we'll be about 10 degrees cooler tomorrow. That's welcome news.

* * * * *

I've been perusing the local news stories, and there's nothing of more than local interest: the University selected a new men's hockey coach ... people are trying to stay cool ... our state bird, the Southcentral Mosquito, has launched a new offensive & local stores are running out of bug spray ...

And then there's this, for travelers:

If you're planning on catching an Alaska Air flight out of Seattle anytime soon, get to the airport early. The Seattle Times is offering further tips for making sure you get to your plane on time.
Remember that any of the TSA checkpoints at Sea-Tac will let you get to any of the departure gates.  So look for the shortest line.  If you’re with more than one person, divide up to check the security lines then phone each other and head to the shortest one.

Some of the busiest times are 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. when a lot of Alaska flights leave  (Alaska is the biggest carrier at Sea-Tac).  For your peace of mind, allow even more than two hours to get through the ticket counter/baggage check/security lines at such times. If you’re really early, you can always get a snack or shop by the gates.

Seems obvious to me, but if you're looking for any edge you can get, then help yourself & read it.
Just call me Mr. Fix-it.

No, not this one:

 This one:


SENIOR said...

84 Degrees? Come on to the sunshine state and enjoy 95 degrees with 70% humidity.

drjim said...

I was just listening to a fellow Ham up your way, and he said "TOO Hot!" numerous times.

We're in the midst of "June Gloom" out here with 60's at night, fog/clouds until noon or so, and just lovely weather.

PioneerPreppy said...

I bet you guys are roasting at 84 up there.

Rev. Paul said...

Senior Chief, we moved here from St. Louis, where it frequently hits 113 in the summer. Florida's cool compared to that. Been there, done that, don't miss it.

drjim, he's right - it's been a LOT hotter just to the north of here, and all across the western part of the state. Temps in the 90s, breaking records all over the place.

Preppy, it's not as bad today, because we've got 20mph winds blowing. Yesterday was pretty miserable, though.