07 July 2013

NTSB Confirms 10 Killed in Soldotna Airport Crash

This is bad.

From KTUU Channel 2 in Anchorage:

NTSB confirmed that 10 people were killed in a plane crash Sunday morning at the Soldotna Airport.
Clint Johnson, chief of the NTSB in Anchorage, said a de Havilland Otter was departing with nine passengers and one pilot.

Alaska NTSB officials have pulled back its investigators heading to San Francisco for the Asiana Airlines crash and will launch a major go-team to investigate the Soldotna crash.

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Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

How terrible, this is the second crash this weekend.

Rev. Paul said...

There was another one just north of here over the weekend, but the two people in that one were able to walk away.

Any at all are too many, but bad things happen.

Chickenmom said...

How horrible - prayers to the families.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for all concerned.


Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom & gfa, we thank you for the prayers.