21 August 2013

It Never Fails

So I go all day without my phone ringing. Srsly, not one call. This afternoon, I have my annual dental exam ... and guess what happens?

Four times in 35 minutes.

Of course the ringer was silenced, because dentist. Hard to answer the cell with someone else's fingers in your mouth.

In other news, this is post #3,500. Whoop-de-doo.


Chickenmom said...

Never met a dentist I ever liked.
Congrats on post #3,500! I only have 268 - I've got a lot of catching up to do!

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, my dentist is quite a nice lady, and very pleasant. It's just that no one likes having to see a dentist, period. :)

And thank you.

Old NFO said...

OH yeah, know that feeling... That and no emails, 30 minute meeting, and 26 @%$# emails... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

Too true, NFO. And ya ever notice how when no one has called for awhile, then you suddenly get three or four calls at the same time?

PioneerPreppy said...

The way my luck goes it's the dentist that gets the call and puts me on hold :(

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, that's been my experience in the past, but this new clinic (this was my 3rd visit) doesn't allow the staff to carry cells at work. I'm liking that.

Anonymous said...


No comment on dentists.


Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Guffaw. :)