04 August 2013

Nice Day for a Drive

Yesterday morning, it occurred to us that we'd not driven Younger Daughter's car outside of town ... so, since she was working, we took a little trip.

Starting out sunny, heading ESE on the Seward Highway, along the Turnagain Arm - we ran into rain showers a few miles east of Anchorage

Looking SE toward the terminus of the Turnagain Arm, south of Girdwood

Rain & clouds over the Arm, in the Kenai Mountains

It was a good day for a drive. :)


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Beautiful pictures, it's nice to see you getting some rain.

What type of car does your daughter have?

Rev. Paul said...

Unfortunately, Sandy, we haven't really gotten any rain to speak of.

She has a VW Passat.

ProudHillbilly said...

Pretty even in the rain.

Rev. Paul said...

It's a beautiful land. :)

Jenny said...

I remember that road. *sigh*


Rev. Paul said...

It's still waiting for you, Jennifer. They're even adding another lane!