09 August 2013

Quote of the Day

"It's horrible! It's immoral! It's selfish, heartless, ruthless! It's the most vicious speech ever made! It ... it will make people demand to be happy!"

~ Eugene Lawson, Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand), after a radio address by John Galt

Can't have that. Keep 'em pacified with free food, free clothes, EBT cards, free phones, welfare, WIC, free medical clinics ... anything but allow them to think for themselves, or ever figure out that things aren't right.

Let 'em spend their formative years in a government-mandated institution of public education (if you can call it that), and make SURE they don't know enough to figure out that somebody has to pay for all the "free" stuff.

Control the media outlets, and make sure the talking heads only mouth the platitudes approved for public consumption. Discourage free thought, and free speech. Tell them that anyone who remembers why (and upon what) this country was founded is an "enemy."

Whatever you do, DON'T let them think for themselves.

They might not like what's been done to them.

Wait - you thought I was talking about a book?


Anonymous said...

'Free' intel for us, on us, by us.
At what cost?


Rev. Paul said...

Our souls, if we're not very, very careful. Thanks, Guffaw.

Cathy said...

So many good people in my acquaintance - have never been more worried . . no - afraid for our country . . . our liberties.

Rev. Paul said...

I believe that's exactly the right word, Cathy.