16 September 2013

The Long Way

Canoeist arrives in Anchorage after 5,000-mile adventure

Minnesota adventurer Bob “Beav” Vollhaber arrived at Westchester Lagoon on Sunday after a six-month journey paddling his 17-foot canoe about 5,000 miles from Washington state to Anchorage. Vollhaber traveled “the long way” ...

... through the Inside Passage, with a portage over the Chilkoot Trail with heavy snow and snowshoes, down the Yukon River, along the Bering Sea coast, up the Kvichak River to Lake Iliamna, a portage over the Alaska Peninsula to the Cook Inlet. Vollhaber said he was "looking forward to a cheeseburger with fries ketchup and mustard and all the ice cream I can eat."

More pictures at the link.

They say he came "the long way"? That's the hard way!


Stephen said...

The hard way indeed. Guess he'll write a book.

ProudHillbilly said...

Pretty cool. But I always wonder how people manage to have funds and time to do adventures like that.

Rev. Paul said...

You're probably right, Stephen; might be an interesting one, for a change. Sure beats hearing about that Timothy Treadwell deadbeat.

PH, I suspect he spent a long time in preparation for such a journey.

Anonymous said...

"Ward, I was worried about the Beav. but no more..."


Rev. Paul said...