18 October 2013

Mark Steyn: "The Governing Institutions of the United States Are Utterly Repulsive

 and disgusting."

So says Mark Steyn, noted conservative author, columnist and political observer. From an article at The Daily Caller, this excerpt:
On Hugh Hewitt’s radio Thursday, National Review columnist Mark Steyn gave a scathing rebuke to the U.S. federal government on the heels of its reopening on earlier in the day.

“Well look, you know, in my book when it came out, whatever it was, a couple of years ago, it had a very simple point, that the question was whether the governing institutions of the United States of America were capable of meaningful course correction,” Steyn explained. “And I think we’ve just seen, whether you fall on Jonah [Goldberg]’s side or on your side, the net result is that we keep telling the world that we’re not capable of serious course correction. And that’s a problem. And I well understand why people like Ted Cruz get impatient with it. They’re right to be impatient with it.”

“Right now, the governing institutions of the United States are utterly repulsive and disgusting,” he continued. “This bipartisan bill agreed yesterday includes $175,000 dollars to the widow of the late senator, Frank Lautenberg, because apparently, it’s the tradition of the Senate to give significant six-figure payments to the widows of distinguished senators. Why is that in this bill? It’s nothing to do with this bill. And that’s why government, more spending, more debt, another trillion dollars as we float free of the debt ceiling, we’re telling the world that this is just the way it is now. No serious course correction can be mounted by America’s governing institutions. That’s a hell of a message.”

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