17 October 2013

Thursday: This 'n' That

No Surprise Dept #1: The State of Alaska has made good on its threat to sue over the closure of federal refuges during the partial government shutdown.

Gov. Sean Parnell had threatened to sue unless the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reversed its shutdown of federal refuges in Alaska by the close of business Tuesday. He has said the service's approach has been in stark contrast to that of other federal land agencies during the shutdown.

* * * * *

No Surprise Dept #2:  It's been two weeks since the Affordable Care Act went live and so far, agencies have reported only one Alaskan has successfully enrolled in the new program.

* * * * *

You Always Hurt the One You Love Dept:  A 42-year-old Juneau man suspected of hitting a bartender in the face with a beer glass has been indicted on felony assault counts.

Most people just ask for another round.

* * * * *

On a Related Topic Dept:  In a state as remote as Alaska, manufacturing local goods is important to the local economy and self-sustainability. According to the Anchorage Economic Development Corp., manufacturing jobs in the city are up by 200 positions.

Taco Loco, one of the bigger manufacturing companies in Anchorage, says it have seen consistent growth. Adam Galindo, the company's owner, says it has made tortillas, salsa and other foods since 1969 in Anchorage. Its products are shipped around Alaska and even out of state through online orders.

Another local business experiencing growth is the King Street Brewery. Dave Short, a brewer at King Street, said beer production is on the rise. Just this month, the company added canned beers to their previously offered products.

... And we wonder at reports of drunkenness from places like Dutch Harbor.


Max said...

I was actually surprised by the low sign up rate for Ocare. I didn't think there would be a rush, but wow.
226 here in Colorado.

Rev. Paul said...

I'm not terribly surprised, Max. I suspect a lot of folks actually didn't believe it would happen, and are still in denial about it.

PioneerPreppy said...

So let me see if I got this straight.

Alaska has a manufacturing company named Taco Loco?

Rev. Paul said...

Yes, we do. Sizable community of Mexican transplants here, and the food is good. :)