22 November 2013

Ice Storm Warning, Traffic, Roads, and Power Outages (Updated)

At 9:34 this morning, the Weather Service issued this statement:

.. Ice Storm Warning in effect until noon akst today...
... Winter Weather Advisory for snow and freezing rain remains in
effect until midnight akst tonight...

The National Weather Service in Anchorage has issued an Ice Storm
Warning... which is in effect until noon akst today.

* Location... the Anchorage area... including Eagle River.

* Snow... 3 to 6 inches.

* Ice accumulation... one to three tenths of an inch.

* Timing... moderate freezing rain will continue this morning and
then diminish to periods of light freezing rain in the
afternoon. A cold front will approach from the west later
today... with freezing rain transitioning to all snow during the
afternoon hours. Snow may become heavy at times this evening...
before tapering off after midnight tonight.

Roads are already in horrible condition. The Glenn Highway (the only highway out of Anchorage, heading north) is listed as "very dangerous to hazardous" by D.O.T.

Roads in the Mat-Su Borough, north of Anchorage, are described by the State Troopers as "absolute crap." That's a direct quote.

A school bus slid off a road outside of Wasilla and overturned; the driver and two children were "slightly hurt" but otherwise no injuries.

This is ungood.

Update: the ice storm warning expired at noon, but the freezing rain is expected to continue until later today.

In the meantime, two more school buses crashed (but no further injuries - thank you, Lord!). 

And the entire Kenai Peninsula is now without power.   Sheesh.


ProudHillbilly said...

Love ice storms. Not.

The picture made me laugh out loud...

Rev. Paul said...

I hate ice, too. But thanks for the laughter - :)

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I hate ice storms, we just had one and expecting snow. People here in Oklahoma don't know how to drive with ice.

Love the new header, I see you did a good job meshing the two photo's together.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Sandy; did it the old-fashioned way ... with scissors, tape, and a scanner.

Stay safe, ma'am.