29 November 2013

It's Up to -4°

Started out at -5° (F.) this morning. Makes me glad I don't have to go to work today.

* * * * *
A relative-by-marriage in Missouri is having a tough week. Her 101-year-old grandmother was killed in a traffic accident, as an 18 yr old blew ignored a stop sign. Grandma was leaving the beauty shop, on her way to a grocery store. The woman lived alone, and still drove herself every day.

Her family always met at her home in mid-Missouri for Thanksgiving, so there are a lot of folks struggling with that this week.

But her grandma was independent and strong, and leaves a strong legacy of self-reliance. Not a bad thing at all. I know her family is hurting now, but pain fades, with time ... and they'll remember her warmly, in years to come. She was feisty and funny, and everyone who met her is richer for having done so.

She'll be missed by those who knew her.

* * * * *

Otherwise, it's a cold, clear, sunny day. Plans include running a couple of errands, and otherwise taking it easy.

Have a safe one out there, and thanks for stopping by.


PioneerPreppy said...

Did that happen in Rolla? I can't imagine there being more than one but anything is possible I guess.

Suppose to get into the 50's here today!!

Rev. Paul said...

Yes, Preppy, that's the one.
50s is May weather here - sounds pretty warm, to me!

Keads said...

Sorry to hear this Rev. Stay warm!

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Kelly.

Cathy said...

Just seems so senseless.
At 101 she dodged so many of life's vicissitudes and then . . .

Well . . . I realize that given the fullness of her years it can't be considered as tragic as it would for a younger woman . . but still . . . :(

Rev. Paul said...

I agree, Cathy, but that's the way life is. Sometimes good people die for no reason, or bad reasons, and we're left to try to make sense of it. It's just that - sometimes - it makes no sense.

Teresa said...

Oh my. Prayers to all the family and friends who will miss her so much. I hope they find peace.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Teresa. I'll pass that along.