02 December 2013

Monday's News: Alaska Edition

Doing it the Hard Way Dept:
A marine salvage expert is planning to use a small amount of explosives to remove a wrecked fishing vessel from rocky shores near Dutch Harbor.

The vessel Arctic Hunter ran aground in early November and is not salvageable, said Dan Magone, president of Magone Marine Services. According to Magone, explosives placed inside of drilled holes in the rock and vessel will help break the wreckage free from the rocks that are impaling it. It is a common practice to use explosives in situations like this, he said.

Can't Nail 'Em Down Dept:
Anchorage School District officials say nearly one-fourth of the student population changes school locations annually.

The Anchorage Daily News reports switching schools often happens when parents move to different homes because rent has increased or other reasons connected to poverty.

Some schools have a turnover rate of 50 percent ... October and November are known for wild fluctuations in student population.

On and On Dept:  The cold snap we're experiencing doesn't want to move on. The prognosticators at the weather service are pretty sure it'll moderate by mid-week, but it was still -3° this morning.

But this is what they guess will happen:

That 16 degrees is pretty optimistic. He said we'd get up to 10 yesterday, but the high temp at my house was only 3° - and that wasn't until 10 pm.


Teresa said...

Okay now I'm cold... LOL

Rev. Paul said...

Teresa, the temps predicted for week's end are 40+ degrees warmer than we had over the past weekend. Looks pretty warm to me. :)

Teresa said...

This is why I won't be moving to Alaska anytime soon ;) Beautiful country, but I would freeze to death even all bundled up. LOL.

Rev. Paul said...

Aw c'mon, T - it's fun! :)